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Welcome Preemie is a clothing line strictly for premature and low birth weight babies. 

Welcome Preemie provides clothing for your baby in the Neonatal ICU or Special Care Nursery. Clothing that is comfortable and accommodating to medical devices

According to the March of Dimes "a premature birth is the birth of a baby before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy." It is known that about 1 in 10 babies in the United States are born prematurely. Low Birth Weight babies are born weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces. About 1 in every 12 babies in the United States are born with low birth weight. (Source: marchofdimes.org)

Our main goal is to provide comfortable and convenient clothing. Welcome Preemie provides clothing and accessories that allows easy access to Intravenous Lines, Feeding Tubes, Electrocardiogram wires and any other external devices in use while patients are in the hospital.  We also have kept the babies and parents in mind while designing our clothing line as dressing a premature baby with external devices can be very stressful to the baby and also very frightening for the parents. We have designed a line that will allow dressing to be a positive experience for both baby and parents while in the hospital. 

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My name is Shauna and I am the founder of the brand Welcome Preemie. I am currently a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse in Boston, MA who has been in practice for 6 years. I enjoy working with the worlds tiniest patients and their families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I first thought about the idea of Welcome Preemie while I was working as a Registered Nurse in Norfolk, VA in a level III NICU. I observed that my coworkers and myself included sometimes had to use scissors to cut holes into the precious clothing items that our patients' families brought in for them to wear. This was done in order to allow easy access to some of the devices, lines and tubing the patients needed for care while clothed. I then began to sketch designs that would prevent nurses from having to cut clothing of patients. My thoughts were: Why not create a brand that is made specifically for this patient population? Welcome Preemie was birthed in 2011.

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